Why WSO2

WSO2 enables the composable enterprise. Our open-source, API-first, and decentralized approach helps developers and architects to be more productive and rapidly build digital products to meet demand.

WSO2 middleware is unique because it is the only 100% Open Source, cloud ready middleware available on the market allowing you to download, test and use all capabilities for free!

Benefits of WSO2


The #1 open source hybrid API management platform

WSO2 API Manager is a fully open-source full lifecycle API Management solution that can be run anywhere. It can be deployed on-prem, on a private cloud, is available as a service on cloud or deployed in a hybrid fashion where its components can be distributed and deployed across multiple cloud and on-prem infrastructures.

It comprises a cloud native API gateway and provides a Kubernetes operator for easily converting raw microservices into managed APIs. API Manager integrates with service meshes and provides a full fledged management plane and control plane for managing, monitoring and monetizing APIs and API products.


An API-centric, cloud-native, and distributed integration platform

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) 7.0 is an open-source hybrid integration platform that enables API-centric integration using integration architecture styles such as microservices or centralized ESB. The platform provides a graphical drag-and-drop flow designer and a configuration-driven approach to build low-code integration solutions for cloud- and container-native projects.


A cloud-native, lightweight streaming integrator that understands streaming SQL queries to capture, analyze, process, and act on events in real-time.

A streaming data processing runtime that allows you to integrate event streams and take action based on it.

Streaming Integrator allows you to connect any data source to any destination. It has 60+ prebuilt, production-grade connectors that can be used to connect to sources and destinations—such as Kafka, files, DBs, and HTTP endpoints. The component offers a web-based IDE that enables building complex streaming data processing logic easily using a drag-and-drop graphical editor or a streaming SQL editor.


Building trust to build your business

WSO2 Identity Server helps organizations to build agile, extensible CIAM solutions to bring in better and seamless user experiences for their customers.

Enables federated access to web and mobile applications across multiple trust domains using open identity standards (including SAML, OIDC and WS-Federation).