WSO2 Streaming Integrator

WSO2 Streaming Integrator

WSO2 Streaming Integrator includes a stream flow designer and a stream processing engine with strong monitoring and analytics functions. The streaming runtime capabilities enable users to treat all data sources as streams of data, apply stream processing operations, and publish to one or more destinations. It also comes with advanced error handling and correction.

The Streaming Integrator component integrates streaming data from different sources such streaming applications, data publishers, databases, files, cloud-based applications, message brokers, etc., processes them in real time using a range of stream processing techniques, and exposes the results as managed APIs in the API marketplace. This allows API consumers to consume streaming data asynchronously.

Streaming Integration apps can be correlated to the central nervous system which plays a major role in helping organizations to react quickly by finding actionable insights by applying analytics on the fly over the streaming live data within the network. For an enterprise, it is very important to act immediately on real-time data rather than traditional ETL analytics like scheduled batch processing which is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and not very agile.

We at Massil technologies highly recommend using streaming integrators for real-time analytics for its strong core query engine which gives the power to query the unstructured data by writing SQL like queries and easy pluggable integration with Enterprise integrator resulting in extensibility.

Key Features:

· Streaming ETL with CDC

· Large File Processing with MFT

· Event Stream Integration

· Real-Time APIs

· Visual Tooling

· Monitoring

Use cases:

Streaming Integrator first extracts/receives input data, processes them and then presents the output by publishing/loading/writing it. You can perform supporting activities such as error handling, performing queries via API and analysing metrics.

· Extracting/receiving data

· Processing data

· Publishing/loading/writing data

· Supporting tasks.

Role of Massil Technologies:

Massil technologies can help and deliver and recommends WSO2 Streaming Integrator for its opensource and capabilities:

· Out of the box connectivity to diverse data sources like Databases (RDBMS, NoSQL), files, etc.

· Easy integration with Apache Kafka

· Notification capability and quick integration with Enterprise Integrator apps to implement business process workflows.

· Container orchestration, quick bootup time – cloud-native resulting in dynamic scaling.

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