WSO2 Practitioner Certification

WSO2 Practitioner Certification

Certification signifies your commitment to continued learning, upholding industry standards, and superior professionalism. Earning a new certification could be extremely helpful in advancing your career.

The WSO2 certification allows you to demonstrate your expertise on WSO2 products. For the past five years, WSO2 Training and Certification have been conducting the Developer certifications and Expert certifications. Over 2000 people have completed the Developer certification, and 83 have completed the Expert certifications.

If you are a developer interested in starting your certification journey with WSO2, we bring you the Practitioner certification. The Practitioner certification is your stepping stone to completing more advanced certifications in the future.

Why should you take the Practitioner certification exam?

Taking the Practitioner certification exam is not a necessary step for Developer certifications. However, you could benefit by getting a better understanding of the basics, which will prove advantageous when you are taking the Developer or Expert certifications.

Here’s why you should take the Practitioner exam:

  • You are not familiar with WSO2 products. You are interested in learning about these new technologies and earning a certification.
  • Although you are familiar with WSO2 products, you are unsure of taking the Developer certification. The Practitioner certification will help you demonstrate your knowledge, giving you the confidence to take on other certifications.
  • You are a student interested in exploring new technologies.
  • You work with a Partner company. Certifications are necessary to upgrade or maintain your status as a partner.

Available Practitioner exams    

At present, we are offering the following Practitioner exams:

Overview of the Practioner exams

All our Practitioner exams are 90 minutes long. Exams are delivered online and proctored through screen and webcam recording.

There are 30 questions in the multiple-choice format in each exam. The questions are pretty simple and straightforward. Studying the provided training material is sufficient, and you do not need to have worked for long with the product.

We also offer sample questions to give you an understanding of how the exam looks like. You can find these under the Practitioner certification link.

If you want more information about our Practitioner certification, write to us at [email protected]. You can also check out our website,