WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java

WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java

To start with, WS02 Microservices Framework for Java(MSF4J) provides you with the best options to develop microservices in Java. Microservices developed with WS02 MSF4J have lightning-fast booting ability in a docker container, and you can easily add Docker Image definition. 

Its Spring-native programming model allows you to write interceptors, microservices, ExceptionMapper, configure and then simulate them at runtime.

Microservices, Annotations & Integrations

MSF4J microservices use annotation, such as JAXRS, which makes monitoring microservices possible. With the integrated Swagger support, you can enable Swagger annotation to microservices. It enriches the Swagger definition of your services. The built-in metrics and out-of-the-box integration offered via WS02 Data Analytics Server(DAS) makes monitoring the behavior of micro-services possible.

Apart from the aforementioned supports, WS02 MSF4J 2.0 also supports ExceptionMapper, FormParam/FormDataParam annotations, and StreamingOutput.

WS02 MSF4J offers security to microservices through token validation, allowing pre-integration and support servers with third-party authentication.

The provided developer-friendly samples will help you start in no time. Start by downloading the MSF4J package that contains all free samples and core frameworks along with their dependencies. Then access Github to start your first microservice.

High-Performance Rating

Through several comparisons on internal performances, we concluded that WS02 Microservices Framework for Java has faster performance than any other framework present today. MSF4J is designed to perform faster and consume limited memory in a microservice architecture.

The tests were conducted without any performance tuning and using Oracle JDK 1.8, the latest version, on high-performing machines to have an unbiased test result. 

Want a detailed report on the test? Find it on the Github Performance page.

Features of WS02 Microservices Framework for Java

Light weight with fast runtime

  • Pack size of only 9MB
  • Minimum 300ms speed
  • Designed to run in container-based environments, like Docker
  • Consumes less than 25MB of memory

Development, Monitoring, and Deployment made Simple.

  • Spring-native programming model
  • Generates Swagger definition and Swagger annotation
  • WSO2 Developer Studio-based tooling for developing microservices projects beginning from a Swagger API definition.
  • Consists of detailed samples mentioning the different ways for developing applications related to microservice.

Fused Security

  • Default built-in support for BasicAuth and OAuth2 authentication.
  • Consists of an in-built JWT validation.
  • Developers also have the option to customise interceptors that support additional types of token.

Highly Scalable and Reliable

  • Netty 4.0 based high performing HTTP/HTTPs transport
  • Developers can have full control over streaming and large messages with Native Streaming support.

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