Why WSO2 Certification?

Why WSO2 Certification?

Just about anyone interested in WSO2 products can take up the WSO2 certification program. Our products are becoming extremely popular quite quickly. Even though our certification program is quite new, we are witnessing an increasing number of exam registrations, making the program very competitive.

There are three certification programs available at the moment that you should consider:

How can the WSO2 certification be helpful? 

It gives you the platform to prove your expertise

Have you been working with WSO2 products for quite some time now? Do you feel confident about writing extensions? If so, the certification exams could give you the perfect platform to prove your expertise. WSO2 products are designed to solve complex problems. So, we understand that they are not very easy to master. However, the certification would prove that you have the necessary skills and that your knowledge is up-to-date.

It helps you master the product

What is the most efficient way to learn? By preparing for an exam, and with our certification programs, you can do just that.

We understand that you have downloaded and used our products. You have also gone through a few tutorials to understand the products. However, all that is not enough to master the product. You need to learn the product really well, understand the intricacies of the code to be able to clear the exam. When you register for the certification, you will be motivated to read the self-learning material thoroughly to understand the code and workings of the product. As a result, you will be able to discover exciting features that you had no idea existed.

Did you know that our certification exams were open-book? It means that you continue to learn even when taking the test.

It enhances your employability

The current job market is cut-throat. You must have the edge over others if you want to land your dream job. For jobseekers, the WSO2 certification could really be the highlight of your CV.

Do you already work at a company that uses WSO2 products? If so, the certification could demonstrate how serious you are about your job. That could be an excellent way to advance your career in the organization.

If you are a developer working with WSO2 products, go ahead and register for the certification. For those who are new to our products, we offer plenty of resources to help you learn on your own. You can also request online or on-site training to help you prepare and take the test.

So, what are you waiting for? Register today by visiting www.massiltechnologies.com