Use of DevOps at Massil

Use of DevOps at Massil

DevOps is an approach to culture, automation, and platform design intended to deliver increased business value and responsiveness through rapid, high-quality service delivery. This is all made possible through fast-paced, iterative IT service delivery. DevOps means linking legacy apps with newer cloud-native apps and infrastructure.

DevOps provide the efficiency and flexibility needed to create software that breaks down barriers and exploits relationships between development and operations professionals. In the traditional working model, those responsible for development were limited to generating code and providing it to the operations team, which went on to put it into production process.

At Massil, we employ DevOps in customer projects to:

· Build Quality CI/CD Pipelines.

· Deliver Real Time.

· Automate Deployment.

· Efficient, Real Time Monitoring, Logging and Alerts.

· Build Resilient systems

· Leverage best in class tools and technology.

· Experienced teams and trusted partner.

We help customers at all stages of their DevOps journey. Our team covers everything from strategy and technology selection to implementation and full DevOps and CI/CD managed services. DevOps is integral to every business value stream, and for that reason, DevOps is fundamental to Safe. DevOps is not only about business operations and development, but you are expected to release value, like compliance, security, legal, marketing, and audit.

Concerning reliable software, you will have the opportunity of working with customers in implementing the culture of DevOps in your organization. The culture is achieved by using the software tailored towards the specific needs of the company. Examples of the tools include Bitbucket for versioning, Ansible for configuration and management of servers, Docker for continuous deployment, and GIT for version control.

For any of your IT requirements, our consultants at Massil can advice you if the DevOps approach can fit your need and how to take advantage of DevOps. For more information, please visit