Top 5 pitfalls of Cloud Migration

Top 5 pitfalls of Cloud Migration

If your business is like most, then it’s possible you’ve already dabbled in the cloud. You could even be using common SaaS applications, which include CRM as well as accounting.

Your business may still not be benefitting as much from the cloud as you could. How can you ensure that your business enjoys the benefits associated with the cloud transformation? If you want this, then you’ll need to take the plunge when it comes to cloud migration. However, there are certain pitfalls that you should be aware of, as well as how to avoid them.

Less C-Level Buy-Ins

When you don’t have buy-ins that come from C-level executives, getting a project of the ground could be difficult. If you want to avoid objections from them, then you’ll need to understand their mindset.

You’ll need to communicate to them what the benefits of cloud migration, over using just one or two cloud-based tools. Consider working with the C-level executives, and mapping out your project. You should also anchor it to business objectives that are solid. Talk about deliverables, accountability as well as KPIs.

Taking on More Than You Can Control

There are also businesses that need to deal with more C-level buy-ins. In this case, the executives who are more enthusiastic could take more of a leap in less time.

You’ll need to create a transition plan before you rush in. You’ll need to take the old processes that were implemented, and translate those into versions on the cloud. Too much enthusiasm can also be a problem. Consider taking things slow and processing your plans carefully. This helps ensure that everyone is ready for the transition.

No Leadership

There are cloud migration projects that end up going off rail as no one is in charge. This is why you can consider assigning either one person or even a team to, lead the migration. They can communicate to you what is happening as well as talk about the expectations ahead. They can listen to the requests of members as well as ensure that data is collected.

When there is clear leadership, this can motivate people as well. You’re also more likely to succeed with your migration.

Don’t Assume Your Staff Has the Skills

Cloud services are in many ways designed for easier integration and use. If your team members don’t have the right skills, then this could end up delaying your cloud migration. When it comes to cloud transition, new tools as well as new adaptations are important.

Avoid cutting corners here. You’ll need to upskill your team in order to ensure that they can keep pace with the migration.

Failing to Plan Properly for Security

The cloud transitions security piece can be difficult to manage. This is why many businesses fail to realize there is a problem until it’s too late. Consider having a single point of responsibility when it comes to the transition.

This helps ensure that sensible data as well as assets don’t end up falling through cracks. Provide your employees with cloud related training as well, as per what their roles are. Familiarize them with cloud computing practices related to security, which includes CISSP certification.


Avoiding the pitfalls related to cloud migration can help ensure that your business finds greater success during the process. We at Massil, can help you with the right cloud strategy. For more information, please write to [email protected]