Three pillars of App Development

Three pillars of App Development

It’s true that an app requires a good degree of effort to be built and maintained. But, if it becomes a hit, it has the ability to help you remain financially independent until retirement. Here are the three pillars of App Development you must not ever mess up.

USP and probable inflow

Hundreds of apps make it to Google Play every month. But not all end up with a 4.5+ rating. Neither do all churn out reasonable amounts of revenue. When you find a novel app idea that solves a certain problem, think very hard about what sets it apart. Who will gravitate towards it? Does the problem really plague a sizeable part of the population? Who are your competitors? Is there a niche you can enter that leverages untapped customer loyalty and has no/less similar racers?

These are questions you need to ask yourself before you begin hiring designers and experts to sit down on app building. This is not only the first cog of the wheel but the most important one. If you do this wrong, the other two steps, however good, will not add up to bucks in your pocket.

Coding and design sprints

Two things matter after you have laid out the things you want your app to do. One, how seamless will the navigation be. Two, the way it looks. This requires hundreds of trials and errors. Creating a good backend framework for your app is as important as its UX. One without the other renders the experience bad. As you keep writing and modifying the code for these interfaces, get your design team on sprints.

These are brainstorming sessions where people unite to churn out a big list of design ideas. Each idea is then scrutinized and critiqued to ensure only the best ones make it to the shortlist. In fact, if you have the resources, you could also hire more than one developer and ask each to code for the app. You pick the best one. A wider choice set ensures a better final choice.


There is usually at least a small difference between the way you want your app to work out and the way it actually does. Besides, for every problem to be solved, it has to be faced first. This can only happen when you test your app with real-time users. You could do a select user trial release or invite a group of reviewers willing to tinker with the app and test your claims.

From our experience and expertise, we would term these three as the key pillars of an App Development. We at Massil can support your custom application needs. Please write to [email protected] for more info.