World is changing at a rapid speed. To keep ourselves pace with the changing times the shift has been towards cloud computing which provides access to many applications through the internet, hence being available anywhere & anytime.

Oracle PaaS is one of the category of Oracle cloud computing stack. It provides a platform to develop, deploy, test and manage applications on cloud. A browser based UI provided for development of services. PaaS enables large and small organizations to integrate multiple cloud and on-premises applications, increasing flexibility and deriving greater business value from IT.



We understand Oracle PaaS better than anyone else. We are experts in implementation of PaaS based solutions. We take you through in understanding PaaS and Total cost of ownership (TCO) which is a financial estimate intended to help buyers and owners determine the direct and indirect costs of a product or system.

Oracle Platform as service is composed of several platforms which can work together and enable us to form cloud solution for different use cases. We deal with following PaaS categories.


Java Cloud Service (JCS): Java Cloud Service (JCS) is a full featured WebLogic (WLS) SE, EE, or Suite instance, with the same look, feel and functionality you have with the on premises WebLogic.

Massil has full fledge experience on Provisioning, development and deployment on JCS.

Mobile Cloud Service (MCS):The Mobile Cloud Service is a development platform for building and integrating mobile applications with back-end systems (on premises or cloud-based).

We have in-depth experience on entire platform to make it very precise we have implemented full fledge Mobile application on Oracle MCS.

Integration Cloud Service (ICS):The Integration Cloud Service is a platform for easily and efficiently integrating SaaS to SaaS and SaaS to on premises applications, using a graphical interface to build connections, perform mappings and transformations, and monitor and manage errors and key performance indicators.

We have good exposure to the entire ICS platform. As we said about MCS we are equally good in ICS.

Oracle Database as a Service(DBaaS):Enterprise-proven database cloud service that supports any size workload from dev/test to large scale production deployment. Multi-layered, in depth security with encryption by default. A highly available and scalable service delivering speed, simplicity and flexibility for faster time to value and savings.

Massil has full fledge hands on experience on DBaaS provisioning and how to consume data from using Oracle Database connector from ICS, Oracle SOA Suite on premise and Oracle SOA Cloud Service.


With emerging application on the cloud, ease of doing busing with mobiles with best customer experience for complex application solutions in order to manage their internal landscape in a way that lets them not only run, but also change the business.

Massil come up with his own cloud platform to provide cost-effective solutions for SME’s. This platform provides most affordable infrastructure to develop and integrate to any kind of Mobile Applications and Web Applications. It provides more secured API based integrations.

We have done extensive research and develop this platform. We ensured not to spend single penny on purchasing software’s at the same time used best of the open source software’s. It always in our mind when we are designing this platform not to compromise on security, scalability and performance.


We have already rolled out some of the solutions on MassilCloud Platform. As always only work should speak our customer experience and what they are thinking about ourMassil Cloud platform for their solutions.


We deliver relevant solutions with value propositions that help organizations to stay competent and generate substantial impact amongst their customers. We provide innovative analytics software and services that simplify complexities for enterprise and online applications.