WSO2: Using Windows Authentication for MSSQL with Integration Studio

WSO2: Using Windows Authentication for MSSQL with Integration Studio


Integrated Windows authentication enables users to connect with their Windows credentials.


Create a folder >> Right click >> properties >> security >> Edit, by clicking that you can see as below.

Next click on Add, you can see as below enter the object name(name) and next Check Names you can see the user and click OK.

Download the MSSQL driver. You can download the relevant driver from

In this case we will be using the following drivers: version

After extracting, you can see as below.

Then unzip this driver archive. The content will look like something similar to below. From here on I will refer this directory as <Home>\enu\auth\x64

Move the integration studio to the folder created at the starting of the blog.

Open Integration studio as shift + Right click >>  Run as different user

Go to Window >> Preferences

By clicking on preference, you can see as below snippet.

Next open java à installed JREs, on right side you can see Installed JREs

Now we need to configure the path so that JDBC driver can find the above dll file add the following line as shown below.

In JRE Definition

Add the below path in Default VM arguments as  

-Djava.library.path = <downloaded path> \\sqljdbc_9.2\enu\auth\x64

Click on Finish à Apply and Close

Now connect to database through integration studio (i.e. data source and data service) If everything is in place the Integration studio should start without any errors. For more information, please write to [email protected].