WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) is an open-source hybrid integration platform providing graphical and CLI tooling, integration runtimes, and monitoring with a variety of deployment options. The integration runtime engine is capable of playing multiple roles in your enterprise architecture. It can act as an ESB, a streaming data processor, and a microservices integrator. Deployment options include on-premises, cloud, hybrid, or a container orchestration platform of choice.

Key Components:

Ballerina Integrator: A powerful, simple to learn, code-driven approach to programming integrations based on the ballerina programming language.

Micro Integrator: An intuitive low-code configuration driven integrator with a graphical drag and drop designer based on the same battle-tested WSO2 EI/ESB runtime

Streaming Integrator: Streaming integrator can connect any destination and act on straming data using micro integrator.

Key Features:

· Routing and transformation of the message to different formats

· Exposes restful services and orchestration

· Enterprise messaging and SaaS integration

· Microservice and data integration

· Integrate static and streaming sources in real-time.

· Captures changes in the data sources, databases and files and act on them in real time.

· EI supports B2B integration and all EIPs.

· It supports automatic processing of files with large amount of data and also supports event streaming integration.

· EAI supports HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket, gRPC, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and many more transports.

· It Routes, Mediate, and Transform Data

· Achieve High Performance, High Availability, Scalability, and Stability

· Ensure Lightweight, Developer-Friendly, and Easy Deployment

· Lightweight runtimes for container-based deployments and native integration with Docker, Kubernetes, and a variety of other container-management platforms.

Role of Massil Technologies:

Massil recommends WSO2 Enterprise Integrator for building integration apps for its rapid application development capability, deployment architecture (on-premise, cloud or hybrid), operating system & cloud-agnostic, and opensource.

Massil technologies can help and deliver and recommends WSO2 Enterprise Integrator for its opensource and capabilites listed as follows:

Ø Real-time data interchange between applications, data on demand.

Ø Schedule redundant workflows

Ø Reliable messaging

Ø Container orchestration, quick bootup time – cloud-native

Ø 150+ connectors to integrate with SAAS Apps, SAP ecosystem, social networks, payments or other legacy systems

Ø Analytics

Ø Tooling: IDE, CLIs, Management consoles, etc.

Ø Data synchronization between systems

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