WSO2 Choreo: Introducing Next Generation Integration Platform as a Service

WSO2 Choreo: Introducing Next Generation Integration Platform as a Service

The world is going digital and the biggest impact of this revolution is seen in the world of business. Digital transformation of businesses requires them to have the technical expertise needed to get projects running and deliver flawless digital products that can cater to customers’ changing demands. With many organizations having to kick start their digital transformation sooner than they had planned, a gap in this expertise often causes projects to slow down. This in turn results in delays in bringing a product to market.

WSO2 realized this challenge and decided to address it with their new integration platform as a service (iPaaS), Choreo.

Choreo is an iPaaS for cloud-native engineering, released in public beta in June this year. So how does Choreo help you? We, at [company name], have been helping businesses implement WSO2 Choreo to drive their digital innovation efforts. From our expertise in WSO2 products and experience as WSO2 partners, here’s what we’ve seen businesses gain from this iPaaS platform.

How does WSO2 Choreo help?

Choreo by WSO2 is an all-inclusive platform that helps you create integrations, APIs, and services seamlessly. It also helps you manage your APIs and deploy services in no time. The platform helps organizations turn their ideas into actual digital products and solutions in just a matter of hours, even with limited expertise.

Choreo uses Ballerina, an open-source, cloud-native programming language from WSO2. Ballerina makes it easy to produce and consume software services extremely easy as both ad hoc and skilled developers can collaborate on projects to build enterprise-class apps using the same programming language.

Ballerina lets developers create the same source code for text syntax and graphical syntax (low-code sequence diagrams and flow charts) or both text and graphical syntax simultaneously.

Choreo also provides you a complete and ready-to-use platform for building, testing, and deploying applications using Kubernetes.

Performance testing and detecting bugs on Choreo is very easy as well, with the platform’s observability functions.

Choreo, thus, provides an end-to-end, cloud-based development platform that lets you create, test, troubleshoot, run and manage three types of cloud-native applications – APIs, services, and integrations.

How to get started with Choreo by WSO2?

Choreo is an easy-to-use, self-service platform where you can use your social login with your Google or GitHub login credentials. Or you can create a new account using an email and password. There’s a graphical editor, built-in wizards, and predefined templates for no-code and low-code programming.

Most corporations, universities, and government agencies are increasingly relying on cloud-native platforms to accelerate their time to market or increase agility within the organization and Choreo is just what you need. For enterprises starting off with WSO2 offerings like Choreo, a little experience, expertise, and training can go a long way in leveraging the benefits of the platform to power your business.

We Massil Technologies, as WSO2 integration partners, have helped several enterprises, institutions, and agencies implement Choreo to create, deliver and manage digital applications and services with ease. At Massil, we help you implement WSO2 Choreo and accelerate your innovation process. Get in touch with us to know more about how Choreo can help you with complete application lifecycle management. For more information, please write to [email protected] or visit