WSO2 Certification Abilities

WSO2 Certification Abilities

In the previous article, we have learned about the different WSO2 Certification opportunities and how Massil can help you with the certifications. In this article, we focus on what a WSO2 Certified Professional is expected to deliver in real-time. In general, a sales certified professional is expected to sell, hence we are not discussing the abilities of the sales professional. We will discuss the Product Certifications and Solutions Architect Certifications.

WSO2 Certified Developer

A WSO2 Certified Developer should be able to:

· Configure and deploy the product to provide an out-of-the-box solution.

· Handle presales and lead the discussion demonstrating concepts and features.

· Deliver demos, proof of concepts, and samples.

· Evaluate feasibility – If WSO2 products can solve a business problem.

WSO2 Certified Expert

A WSO2 Product Certified Expert should be able to:

· Explain domain concepts and product features

· Understand product architecture and message flows

· Has a fair idea of customizations, connectors, and integrations.

· Implement best practices in migration.

· Deliver customized demos, proof of concepts as per the given business case

· Deliver development services including product configuration and artifact development.

· Set up the WSO2 product according to standard deployment patterns.

· Deliver product standard extensions.

· Deliver product localization and recommend customizations

· Troubleshoot the product when required.

WSO2 Certified Solutions Architect Associate

A WSO2 Certified Solutions Architect Associate should be able to:

· Understand WSO2 products and solutions

· Build solutions for customers

· Define business, solutions, and deployment architectures.

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