System Integration Testing Checklist

System Integration Testing Checklist

Testing is a very important part of system development since it ensures the system meets requirements. Of the various kinds of testing, system integration testing is one of the most significant types.

Testing is done at various stages of development. Integration testing is done once all the individual components or modules of a system are integrated into the final system. Integration testing involves the complete and comprehensive testing of a system. The objective is to ensure the individual components work well as also the system as a whole.

Checklist for system integration testing

A checklist for system integration testing makes the process of testing easy. It ensures that nothing gets missed out in the testing process and the testing is comprehensive. Here is a sample checklist that can help you ensure the system integration testing is done effectively:

  • Check if all individual modules have been tested.
  • Check for the complete integration of all modules within the system.
  • Verify if the system works as per designed test cases and meets all the requirements.
  • Carry out load testing on the system to check overall performance of the system, response speed, and resource utilization.
  • Check output of system against test data being input.
  • Carry out regression testing to ensure any changes in the modules or the system do not affect system features.
  • Ensure the test environment is in line with production environment.
  • Verify if the acceptance test criteria have been properly listed out.
  • Ensure user acceptance testing is carried out as per plan to validate the system from user point of view.
  • If users or stakeholders are involved in the test, ensure the testing is done as planned and reports generated.
  • Ensure bugs or issues during integration testing are reported and communicated to all stakeholders.
  • Verify if there is a procedure for taking action on test reports and communicating the same to stakeholders.
  • Check if the acceptance test report has been documented.
  • Verify if the requirements traceability matrix has been developed. Check for testing done as per matrix and for results being updated.
  • Verify if all the documentation for the system has been developed. Ensure a comprehensive review of the documentation with the report.
  • Check if a training and implementation plan has been developed. Verify if the review of the plan has been carried out.
  • Ensure if security features of the system have been tested thoroughly.
  • Verify integration test report against the test plan that was created. 

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