API Management Made Easy

API Management Made Easy

While you develop any product, it is also important to have clear picture about the possible integration of the product with other existing systems. It is important to have neatly document API Management strategy. API Management talks about designing, publishing and managing API life cycle.

APIs are the backbone of an enterprise connecting all the applications and data sources, resulting in better coordination by improving workflows and process automation. Adopting API led application architecture enables organizations to attain digital transformation.

With the rise in the number of APIs, the need for the best API Management solution arises which improves: security, governance, access management, metadata management, tenant management, analytics, version control, and complete API lifecycle management leading to great agility.

Key Features:

  • Easily and securely expose APIs to both internal and external consumers.
  • Enable design and runtime governance for the entire lifecycle of your APIs.
  • Get business insights and intelligence through APIs.
  • Flexible deployment models adapt to your infrastructure while keeping service discovery seamless for developers.
  • Support modern services including REST, GraphQL, and Async API, and integrate your API workflows with your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Advanced integration support
  • Powerful Graphical / CLI tooling

Use cases

The initiatives that occur behind an API Management technology are generally about meeting a functional need. The API Management layer is about meeting generic consumption needs like:

  • Accurate documentation or API contracts
  • Consistent authentication and security
  • Lifecycle management and versioning.
  • Ability to mediate and monitor API consumption
  • Understanding APIs as products for consumption            

We tried to outline some of the most common use cases of API Management. We at Massil technologies recommend WSO2 API Manager for the following reasons:

  • Opensource and ready to use framework
  • Complete API Life Cycle Management
  • Access Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Reusability
  • High Availability
  • Security
  • Monetization
  • DevOps friendly interface

We can help you with your API Management strategy and implementation. For more information, please visit www.massiltechnologies.com