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Seamless connectivity is the key to system integration. AtMassil, we adopt WSO2 ESB to enable our customers to become agile through system integration. We deliver a proven and profitable structure on WSO2 ESB that removes obstacles to unleash the value contained in your data.

We recognize that attempts should be spry (once more) to have the choice to change into a Digital service and streamline their client closeness, operational monstrosity or join new organizations, things or methodologies to their portfolio. The puzzle for Online Digitalized Transformation lies in spryness. Deftness in headway, information and record. Deftness can be made by, in our recognize, an Open Source first, API first and Cloud first framework. In addition, that is the clarification Massil decided to arrange with the unparalleled 100% open standard and open source based mix sort out: WSO2. They pass on expertise and possibility of decision to endeavors all around the globe. Furthermore, as you may have guessed, API first, Open Standards first and Cloud first systems are the beginning period of everything WSO2 fabricates

API Management

WSO2 API Manager is a totally open-source full lifecycle API Management course of action that can be run wherever. It might be passed on-prem, on a private cloud, is open as a help on cloud or sent in a creamer way where its portions can be scattered and sent over various cloud and on-prem establishments.
It incorporates a cloud nearby API gateway and gives a Kubernetes overseer to viably changing over unrefined microservices into supervised APIs. Programming interface Manager consolidates with organization systems and gives a certain organization plane and control plane for administering, watching and adjusting APIs and API things

Enterprise Integration

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, focus to the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, is an open source mix thing for cloud nearby and holder neighborhood endeavors. It enables adventure mix authorities to collect, scale, and secure propelled joining answers for achieve electronic deftness. WSO2 Enterprise Integrator  contains visual tooling capabilities, message brokering, integration runtimes, business process modeling, message brokering and analytics.

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