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SonarQube in Mule ESB


From the technical center of excellence of Massil Technologies, our technology leaders make it easy to understand the complex situations you come across in Mule ESB from the experience of Massil Technologies to have countered them in their experience of working on client projects in real time. This blog introduces the role of SonarQube. This blog is a part of series of blogs being authored and published by Massil Technologies for the benefit of the IT community globally.

Download  the sonarQube by using the below link:


later extract the contain Zip folder and run the start sonar batch file which is accessible in the bin folder of sonarqube.

Following entry into the browser with path localhost:9000

If the batch file executes correctly then the following screen should appear in the browser.

SonarQube in Mule ESB01-massiltechnologies
SonarQube in Mule ESB01

Analysing the project  with the sonarQube:

Install the sonar-runner with help of the given link:


Extract the zip file.

Make a configuration file within the root directory of the project: sonar-project.properties

# must be genuine in a provided SonarQube instance

sonar.projectKey=my: project

# name should be appearance like in the SonarQube UI

sonar.projectName=My project


# Path is similar to the sonar-project.properties file. Replace “\” by “/” on Windows.

# Since SonarQube 4.2, this property is ur wish optional if sonar.modules is properly set.

# If not happen, SonarQube initially began searching for source code from the directory containing

# the sonar-project.properties file.


# Encoding of the source code. Default is default system encoding


Run the subsequent command based the project base directory to organize the analysis: sonar-runner

SonarQube in Mule ESB02-massiltechnologies
SonarQube in Mule ESB02
SonarQube in Mule ESB03-massiltechnologies
SonarQube in Mule ESB03


SonarQube in Mule ESB04-massiltechnologies
SonarQube in Mule ESB04
SonarQube in Mule ESB05-massiltechnologies
SonarQube in Mule ESB05


SonarQube in Mule ESB06-massiltechnologies
SonarQube in Mule ESB06
SonarQube in Mule ESB07-massiltechnologies
SonarQube in Mule ESB07


Hence, we have gone through the step by step process to depict the way Massil Technologies team has addressed the client need. Hope this article from Massil Technologies was useful for you. If you have any further queries on this topic, please reach out to info@massil.tech.

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