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Scatter-Gather In Mule


From the technical center of excellence of Massil Technologies, our technology leaders make it easy to understand the complex situations you come across in Mule ESB from the experience of Massil Technologies to have countered them in their experience of working on client projects in real time. This blog introduces the role of Scatter-Gather In Mule. This blog is a part of series of blogs being authored and published by Massil Technologies for the benefit of the IT community globally.


The routing information processor Scatter-Gather transfer a request message to several destinations simultaneously. It got the responses from all routes and summation them into a particular message.

Massil Technologies are providing some references to get total idea about Scatter-Gather in Mule ESB.

Step 1: Initially, create a project and search File connector in Mule ESB Palette and move it to the Message flow and configure as follows

Step 2:- Use the same transformers after succeeding the File connector to convert coming format of the file based on requirement as displayed below

Scatter-Gather In Mule02-massiltechnologies
Scatter-Gather In Mule02

Step 3:- Change the Scatter-Gather connector from Mule ESB Palette message flow later the transformer String to Byte Array as given.

Step 4:- Then, Use the file connectors in scatter-gather, with help of that the incoming file will divided into several and store in the multiple targets.

Step 5:-Maintain the step 4 to keep the file connectors as you expect as shown:

Step 6:- Complete flow is shown below.

Step 7:- Continue the project and later successful deployment, keep a file in the contained source folder and verify whether the targeted folder is packed with incoming files.

Hence, we have gone through the step by step process to depict the way Massil Technologies team has addressed the client need. Hope this article from Massil Technologies was useful for you. If you have any further queries on this topic, please reach out to info@massil.tech.

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