API Managment

API Managment​

APIs are the backbone of an enterprise connecting all the applications and data sources, resulting in better coordination by improving workflows and process automation. Adopting API led application architecture enables organizations to attain digital transformation. With the rise in the number of APIs, the need for the best API Management solution arises which improves: security, governance, access management, metadata management, tenant management, analytics, version control, and complete API lifecycle management leading to great agility.


Massil technologies can help and deliver and recommends WSO2 API Manager for its opensource and capabilites listed below:
  • Complete API Lifecycle management with multiple phases: Design, Develop, Publish, Update, Re-publish, Retire.
  • Access management: configurable standard authentication and authorization mechanisms helps organizations to be in compliance with their access policies.
  • Analytics: Usage analytics for business management to make wise decessions.
  • Reusability: Rapid discovery of available APIs rather than rebuilding the same due to improper management.
  • Throttling: Ensure high availability of your application ecosystem by limiting overconsumption of an API.
  • Monetization: Trade you data with your partners in secured and governed way.
  • Security: Add security layers to existing legacy and new APIs before sharing over intranet or internet
  • CLI: DevOps friendly interface for Continous Deployment